Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Bible Lesson

You probably don’t normally think “Charlie Brown” when you think of Bible lessons. You probably don’t think “chalk art,” either, for that matter. Our small church body is in that place where we have a small class with a few students in a wide range of ages, and teaching to each age simultaneously can be a bit of a challenge. (Thankfully, I do have a smidge of experience in that department.) That said, I do like to think outside the box a little bit. I initially thought I’d do this Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Chalk Art Tutorial from Hodge Podge at home with my

My New, Pretty, Grown Up Mom Bible

When my 10 year old son was just an itty bitty baby, I decided I was tired of feeling like a pack animal. Between the baby carrier and the big diaper bag, the two year old and the five year old, I didn’t want to heft around my purse, too. I decided to carry everything in the diaper bag, and so I switched to a bigger wallet, and a smaller Bible. I scraped some money together and bought myself a beautiful little ESV pocket Bible. It was soft, and pretty, and mostly it was compact and perfect. I could tuck

Books of the Bible “Jenga” Game

You know how I get these REALLY REALLY good ideas about once every six months or so??  God gave me another one: BOOKS OF THE BIBLE “JENGA.” Seriously. This is the most fun way to learn the books of the Bible! It’s SO easy to make, too!   How to Make Your Own Books of the Bible “Jenga” Game Needed: A print out of the books of the Bible, grouped into color categories. (Like this one.) Permanent markers in a large variety of colors. A wooden block game like “Jenga” (I didn’t actually use a “Jenga” set, I got a

The Waterproof Bible with Video Review

Have you seen the Waterproof Bible by Bardin & Marsee? Here, check this out: How can a Bible be waterproof? Obviously it’s not made out of paper, right? So what is it? The pages and the cover are synthetic, leaving them both water resistant AND stain proof. The pages feel smooth and cool, and when you feel a page between your fingers it feels like a super thin vinyl or plastic. But the pages are very matte and soft so in that sense they also feel “NOT plastic.” Because the Waterproof Bible isn’t made out of paper you can spill

ABC’s of Homeschooling ~ Bible in our Homeschool

Back in the early days of our homeschool journey, I remember polling my homeschool friends about bible curriculum. “Do you use a curriculum to teach bible?” I would ask, again and again. Most of my friends didn’t, saying they simple used the bible itself. A couple of my friends used a curriculum which had bible included (like LifePac for example.) But mostly, the answer was no. As time went on, though, I really felt the need to add more to it. Not that I want to ADD to the BIBLE! But I wanted to do more than reading alone–I wanted

Ten Helpful Bible Verses For Homeschooling Moms

Ten Helpful Bible Verses For Homeschooling Moms God’s Word, the Holy Spirit, and Prayer are what carry me through this homeschooling journey. Good curriculum, supplies and coffee play a role as well.. but what keeps me going, helps me find direction, strengthens me.. it’s all God. Now, I’m not saying these bible verses have anything to do with homeschool specifically, nor are they only beneficial for homeschoolers, but these are some of my favorite, most encouraging, hope-filled, “purpose giving,” bible verses. If you’re going to be journeying down the homeschool path for the first time this fall, it wouldn’t hurt