Advent Event – The Spirit of Baking

Yes, you can BAKE your way into the holiday spirit! (Some of you are paying attention now – say what? Food? What?) Think about it. Baking something together, with family, with friends, with your children – promotes spending time together. Baking something to give away – um, hello, GIVING? You can even decorate with food. Oh yes. Christmas Cookies At least once a season, the kids and I will make Christmas cookies together. We have an assortment of cookie cutters that we use – an angel, a wreath, a bell, a star, a Christmas tree and a candy cane. You

Homemade: Cooking from scratch.

This year has been a year of discovery: my inner baker. Or is it chef? Ah, whatever. I’m discovering that I really like making things from scratch. They taste better than boxed or frozen things. It’s frugal. It fulfills some inner homemaker need deep within. This past year I’ve learned how to make: Chocolate Chip Granola Bars Homemade bread Pizza dough Buttermilk biscuits Soft pretzels Bagels Flour tortillas They’re all so easy. (Especially if you have a bread machine to make the dough, but even if you don’t.) The pretzels and bagels are basically the same process, you just divide

Mouth-Watering, Homemade, Soft Pretzels

Last week, the kids and I made some impromptu, homemade soft pretzels – and they were wonderfully delicious! See: This is just a chronicling of our first attempt to make soft pretzels – which was a complete success, by the way! The complete recipe and instructions can be found here, at Mommy of Four. Also, we experimented with a small group of them, adding sugar and cinnamon. The effect was similar to cinnamon rolls or cinnamon toast but in pretzel form. The rest we ate with parmesan cheese. The kids loved them. The next morning we had leftover pretzels with