2012-2013 ~ Our Homeschool Area

Updated 8/12/12:  The Not Back to School Blog Hop is going on over at iHomeschool Network. I’m joining in and linking this up. Check it out! Our Homeschool Area I’d love to have a devoted school room again, or at least a whole half a room–like shared with a home office or something–but we still have our little school corner here in the living room again this year. (Yes we did share Big Daddy’s home office once in the past, and it worked well, but we were overtaking it! And now it’s half office and half music studio anyway..) Not

Change of Plans: BTHS Will Be Up Later

Just a quick note to say that our last installment of Back to (Home) School 2012, Our School Rooms, will be up today but it will be up later today. I’m sorry for the delay! If you already have a post up and don’t want to come back and leave your link later, you can leave your link here in the comments and I will add them for you when I get the post up this afternoon. Thank you!

Back to (Home) School ~ Planning Our Days

Welcome back to the third week of Back to (Home) School, in which we discuss how we plan our lessons and schedule our days. I like using planners; I think it’s the visual organization that appeals to me most. I’m not one of those uber-diligent planner users, though. (I’m thinking about trying to become one!) Even if I don’t use our homeschool planner everyday, it still benefits me to have one. Last year I went out on a limb and did something c-r-a-z-y. I sat down with my planner and our curriculum and filled out the whole year. I intended

2012-2013 Curriculum and Resources

Updated 8/5/12:  The Not Back to School Blog Hop is going on over at iHomeschool Network. I’m joining in and linking this up. Check it out! Our Curriculum and Resources: I have curriculum swimming in my brain right now! I can’t get it all straight in my head until I get it all straight on paper… good ol’ paper and pen! I’ve spent the last few days nailing down the loose ends and making a plan. We still have a few things from last year that we can keep using this year — Writing Strands 3 (though I’ll add an

Back to (Home) School 2012 ~ Our School, Our Students

Summer is here and in full swing and we’re gearing up for a new school year. We’re finishing up “leftovers,” clearing off shelves, re-organizing and starting the process of gathering next year’s supplies. It’s a process that will take us at least a month or more. Some of you are still doing school, some of you are already beginning the new year, some of you may be thoroughly enjoying your summer break. But with back to school season right around the corner for the public school system, there’s a good chance that most of you are starting to make plans

Back to (Home) School, 2012

The third annual “Back to (Home) School” carnival is here! Well, it will be on Monday. Every Monday in July (starting the 9th, since July has FIVE Mondays this year,) we’ll be joining together to have some fun and learn from each other as we look forward to the upcoming school year. If you’ve never participated before (*gasp!* — just kidding…) you can check out last year’s Back to (Home) School series and posts – the links are still good! The idea behind the BTHS carnival is best summed up by what I said about it last year: It’s a