Miscarriage, Grieving, and Back to School

Somewhere in the middle of June, a little life began to grow, and for the next eight weeks or so that child was mine to hold and carry. On August 23rd, at eleven and a half weeks along, only hours after our first doctor appointment, we had to make an emergency trip the hospital. We had lost our little baby to miscarriage, and I was hemorrhaging badly. It’s surreal how everything can change from one moment to the next. Around 3:00 that afternoon I was slowly waking up from a lovely afternoon nap. Fifteen minutes later I was texting my

And Baby Makes Six (Midlife Baby on Board)

Do not adjust your computer monitor, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. . .  Yes, people, we are indeed expecting another addition to the Oliver family next spring, God willing! Sometime next March our #MidlifeBaby will arrive and we will be starting the parenting journey all over again. Just in case you need a review of the facts:  Our 3 kids are 18, 15, and 12-will-be-13-when-the-baby-gets-here. We are celebrating our 20th anniversary in August. I’m celebrating my 40th birthday in September. My 18 year old will finish up her sophomore year of college this year, my 15 year