Teaching How to Notebook

Last week, I shared how we’re using Heritage History to supplement the Mystery of History and how that’s working for us. I also mentioned that we’re adding in some notebooking, but that we’re having to *learn* how to do it. Today I want to share how I’m going about trying to teach my children HOW to notebook. How We Got Started Our first real exposure to notebooking came through the Apologia Notebooking Journals (which is really more like a workbook that’s half notebooking and half other pages.) This was a good introduction to notebooking for us. Previously, I’d looked at

My Journey to the Baltimore Real Refreshment Retreat, Part 1: Alone but Not Alone.

I can’t believe it has been almost two weeks since I was blessed to have such an encouraging, refreshing, amazing experience — attending the Real Refreshment Retreat in Baltimore, Maryland. Apologia’s “Retreat” is aptly named, it’s something of a cross between a homeschool convention, a Christian Women’s conference and a Worship Night. It has taken me this long to “unpack” and be able to write out everything that God showed me on that journey. And it was truly “A Journey!” Apologia’s Real Refreshment Retreat The speakers (Rachael Carman, Debra Bell, Heidi St. John, Zan Tyler and Sherri Seglison – to

5 Reasons I’m Looking Forward to The Real Refreshment Retreat

The calendar is quickly counting down the days of February and with each passing day my stomach twists tighter into knots!! Why? Because at the beginning of March, I’ll be flying to Baltimore for the Apologia Real Refreshment Retreat! Am I excited? YES! But I’m terrified! I’m FLYING! Alone! I know people think I’m exaggerating when I try to express how nervous I am about this. Y’ALL. I’m being completely truthful here. I’m not a traveler, I’m not an adventurer, and I’m not comfortable doing things I’m not familiar with – especially alone! Is it the flying? Yes, it is.

Jesus iWitness Giveaway

Mommy Time Party, “Christ-Centered Holidays” We’re talking Christ-Centered Holidays for the Mommy Time Party, and what better way to spend time thinking about Jesus at Christmas than to read about him? Jesus iWitness is more than a story – it’s pictures, history, facts and culture. Jesus iWitness paints a picture of what Jesus’ life would have been like in the first century. Two blessed moms will win their own copy of Jesus iWitness for Christmas this year. Door Prize #1 – Jesus iWitness Apologia is giving away 2 copies of Jesus iWitness by Doug Powell for the Mommy Time Party!

Homeschool Mother’s Journal ~ September 21, 2012

Tidbits of life and nuggets of goodness gathered this week, harvested and blended like a tasty cup of hot tea. Grab a sip and savor the flavor of life here at Classic Housewife.

Mother’s Journal ~ June 1, 2012

May is over! Where did it go?? In my life this week… We now begin our last month of the school year (and we’re ALL looking forward to the summer break! When you started getting to the ends of the books you start getting a bit antsy! PLUS.. I really need to devote some serious time to some serious deep-housecleaning.) =) This week we celebrated my aunt’s 50th birthday with a family gathering on Memorial Day. We had a very good Ladies Bible Study meeting at church on Tuesday; I’m having a blessed and wonderful time plugging in and getting