Dissections, Scalpels and Organs, Oh my! (A Home Science Tools Review.)

When I think about 7th grade science, I think “dissections.” What about you? Did you enjoy them, hate them, avoid them?  We were blessed to be in a school where we could work on dissections individually or in pairs. I never minded doing dissections and I knew since beginning this journey that dissections were one of those “public school experiences” I wanted my home schooled kids to be able to have. Aren’t my kids lucky? Our first home dissection was an owl pellet dissection a few years ago. In fact, I think that was actually my first experience with Home

Supplemental Anatomy Science Books

So if you haven’t noticed already, I have a thing for books. I’m building our library with good supplemental and living books to keep on hand. Having kids from age 5 – 11, here’s a list of anatomy and health related books for my library. I’ve marked the books that we have already and the others are books that I hope to add to our library soon. The Kingfisher First Human Body Encyclopedia (Kingfisher First Reference) (We have this one already. My 5 year old science guy goes through it again and again and again!) Inside Your Outside: All About the

ABC’s of Homeschooling ~ Apologia Anatomy

The ABC’s of Homeschooling started back up again last week (and I missed it I was so busy!) but tomorrow is the B post so you know what that means — I need to get my A post written so I don’t skip one! =p At first I wasn’t sure what I would write about but then I realized that “A” is actually quite easy. Now that we’ve been back to school for six weeks, we’re a few chapters into our Apologia Anatomy book. I have to say… I LOVE IT! I knew that I would. I had no doubt.

Our School 2011, Week 2

I’m so happy to have such a great report for our second week of school! This school year is going really well so far (And I’m loving THAT of course!) Even with lots of running around to do — sorting the organic co-op produce on Tuesday morning, visiting my grandma and aunt on Wednesday, some seriously needed grocery shopping on Friday morning, canning on Saturday,… we still managed to get our school work done and have fun learning, too. We started the week off with a “Back to School” party (We were supposed to have a first day of school party