O (Lovely) Christmas Tree! ~ Advent-ure 2010

It’s no secret that my favorite Christmas decoration is my Christmas tree! In the past we’ve discussed my need for Christmas tree therapy. We took the time to diagnose my problem and we saw just how bad it was. I need help. But DID YOU KNOW that I never put up pictures of my Christmas tree last year? Not one! (And I took MANY.) Last year we bought a new tree – a prelit tree! A tree that doesn’t look sad and “threadbare” like our previous tree. A pretty little tree. A pretty little tree with even MORE ornaments than

Advent-ure 2010

It’s the MOST. WONDERFUL. TIME. Of the whole entire year. I know that’s a bit cliche, but it’s true. Advent, the whole entire month of December, IS a wonderful time. Partially because everyone is excited over the cooler weather, the promise (or delivery) of snow and the holidays. Mostly because this is the time of year to celebrate THE PURPOSE. The reason for everything. God sent His son to fulfill His purpose, to help us fulfill our purpose — To Glorify God. We have a lot to celebrate! It’s become a tradition here on my blog to host an Advent

Advent 2009: Resolution

With Christmas Day only a few days past, the momentum and excitement that has been building for the last 4 weeks feels suddenly vacant. You may even feel a bit of a let down, especially if you’re unhappy with the way “it all went down” on Christmas Day. I know that in years past when we just dug in without so much as a nod to God for all his blessings, I was left feeling pretty depressed about it later. But even if you’re completely satisfied with how you spent your holiday and at the day’s end you felt full

Advent 2009: Culmination

Christmas week arrives with a buzz, you can feel it in the air. Advent traditions and celebrations have been building to this point and it’s here they all converge, meeting at the manger where the angels sing “Glory to God in the highest!” It would be too easy to reach this point, exhausted from the month’s festivities, and let Christmas week take you for a ride. Or just as easy, you could find yourself slipping into the role of Advent drill sergeant, and hear yourself saying things like “we have to do this first and then that,… no it has

Advent 2009: Anticipation

When my brother and I were young, there were times it seemed Christmas wasn’t arriving fast enough, that it was taking ENTIRELY too long and we just couldn’t POSSIBLY wait any longer! We’d moan and bemoan the slow arrival of the day (and the gifts) and our mom would tell us, naturally: “You have nothing to do but wait – the 25th will get here on the 25th, no faster no slower.” I think my children are beginning to feel the anticipation as well. It’s somewhere around the 15th when December is half over, when Christmas is only ten days

Advent 2009: Execution

Obviously, the operation of that word in this case is not “kill it!” but instead, “making it happen.” Last week, I kicked off Advent with a bang of a post (I hope) in which I shared why we celebrate Advent. Today I’d like to share a few things we do in our house to help our Advent celebration succeed in preparing our hearts for worship on Christmas Day. I’d like to say, first, that if you’re picturing us all getting up early in the morning for some elaborate worship ceremony, that’s not the way it goes. Sorry to disappoint. ;