Why Do We Still Do a Christmas Tree?

  We don’t do a lot of other American Christmas traditions so why do we still do a Christmas tree? You know, I’ve actually been asked this question before. Good-intentioned, well-meaning, non-judgmental friends have asked why I still decorate a Christmas tree after we long ago parted ways with Santa Claus and a lot of the other American Christmas traditions. Like everything else in life, I want to honor God in everything I do. I’m not perfect yet, but that’s my goal. When it comes to our earthly traditions, there are some things which can be used for God’s glory and

Experience-Based Christmas Bingo Game!

We use the season of Advent to celebrate Christmas at our house, to focus on Jesus during the month, but I know many of you aren’t familiar with Advent so I made a “non-Adventy” Christmas Bingo Game for you! I’m not opposed to all things Christmassy– in fact, Christmas is my favorite holiday (month.) We’ve just grown to love Advent so much because of what it adds to our celebration. It’s important to me that we don’t lose focus or get caught up in the shiny wrapping of Christmastime. There are plenty of worldly traditions that we don’t participate in

Advent Begins Today! Here’s Your Resources

Advent begins today! Ring the bells, light the candles, and cue the music – Advent begins today. =)  I’m sure you can tell I’m a wee bit excited. I love this time of year. Tonight we’ll do our first Advent candle wreath lighting and scripture reading. The next 25 days will be a time of intentional focus on Jesus, family, friends, love, service, prayer, and scripture. It’s not too late to jump in and get started. It’s easy to pull things together in a snap – and the most important thing you need, the only thing you really need, is

Study and Devotional Resources for Christmas and Advent

Thanksgiving is barely gone and my mind is turning toward Christmas and Advent! It doesn’t help that we’ve been practicing Christmas songs in the community choir since September, or that my daughter has been practicing Christmas music on violin since the beginning of the semester. With the first chilly temps finally making their appearance here in Texas, and the first Christmas gifts already purchased, I’m ready to deck the halls and sing Silent Night. In fact, Advent has already technically begun (Sunday) and once again, the focus on Thanksgiving distracted me and let Advent totally sneak up on me! So at the moment,


I’ve been MIA online. I’ve been busy… busy being very blessed. I like to see the blessings in every day, it’s true, but God has been busy! I had so many things I wanted to write about, share with you – our Advent celebrations, our “family stocking,” our continued reading of “Destination: Bethlehem,” my kitchen remodel project, and so much more. But I couldn’t stop long enough to write any of it! The House Back in September, I shared what God was doing in our lives on the “home” front. I knew that God was going to do something soon

An Argument for Santa: #3 “It’s Tradition!”

Halfway through my little mini-series here and I’m hoping that I’m not pushing all of my friends away. I don’t want to come across as though I think everyone else should do things the way I do them. As I said in the beginning, my only goal here is writing down why I choose what I choose. As I mentioned, though most of the response I get when I tell people that we “Fired Santa” is positive, there are some people who look at me like I just grew a second head. The thought that my kids won’t get to