How to Survive Summer Boredom (And Heat) With Young Children

Summer is now upon us! For those of you with children in public and private schools, your children now have more free time on their hands and a greater probability of uttering the words, “Mom, I’m BORED.” For those of you who homeschool, you find yourself suddenly out of routine and in need of “something to do.”

10 Things To Do This Summer

Summer boredom? Whiny kids? Running out of ideas? How about a list of TEN FUN THINGS to do this Summer?! Make your own craft and art supplies. Make chalk, paint, facepaint, goop, slime, you name it. Not only does it occupy them while they’re making something, but it gives them something to do afterward also. And it’s usually very economical too! For some craft and art recipes, check out this post and scroll down to the craft section.  Stock up on cheap outside toys. At the beginning of each summer (or a little before) I hit the dollar stores and invest