Tackling Some More Home Decor: Floral Arrangements

You may not believe this given the state of my sad, tired, country-fied floral arrangement I showed you last week, but I actually do have some strict floral rules I try to adhere to – really. Rules for Floral Engagement The flowers have to look like their real counterparts – imperfect petals, some browns in the leaves. Real flowers aren’t cookie cutter and identical so artificial ones shouldn’t be either. Avoid flowers commonly found in funeral arrangements – unless you want your home to look like a funeral parlor, in which case, go for it. Adjust the size of the

DIY – Simple & Inexpensive Wall Decor

I think decorating the home is some kind of primal urge built deep into my cell structure. Not that I want to over-decorate or spend tons of money on new furniture, but I do want to make the home a nice and inviting place for my friends and family. I just don’t have a lot of time, tools and resources at my disposal. Who does, right? So lately I’ve been seeking inexpensive ways I can make little changes to make our house more homey. Last week’s project was to tackle some inexpensive wall decor that I’d been noodling around in

Tackling the Girls’ Beds

Last week and the week before that, we tackled the girls’ bed situation. I say “Situation” becuause, well, it WAS. I was tired of them playing on the bunkbed like it was a jungle gym, drawing their legs up and swinging on the bars under the top bunk like monkey bars. I was fed up with them grabbing hold of the safety rail and hanging on it, or sitting on it, and bending the screws so that the support rail didn’t stand up straight anymore. Oh, I tried to handle it, believe me – but no amount of training and

Tackling the Shelves

Our big tackle for this week was de-cluttering and weeding the bookshelves, which had once again attained “quite horrendous!” status. We needed to rearrange a little to make room for the Christmas tree – and you need to clear big heavy bookcases before moving them anyway – so I finally reached a point where I didn’t have a choice but to do anything about it. Oh, I suppose I COULD have just shoved it all back on there. But I didn’t. See before: Actually, that was AFTER I’d already begun cleaning if off. I’d already cleared most of the clutter