Final Preparations for Homeschool Graduation

Nobody tells you how many brain cells you’ll be losing at homeschool graduation time. For the past month we’ve been working toward this final goal and here we are in the very last leg of this marathon. We are so close…. to losing our marbles. 😉 WHY? WELL LET ME TELL YOU… We’re Graduating Mid-Year Back in May when my husband asked if we could graduate Catie early, I told him that we couldn’t graduate her then, but she could graduate a semester early, in December.  The question was, “SHOULD she?” What are the pros and cons of graduating mid-year??

10 Thoughtful Gifts for Run-Down, Stressed-Out, Worn-Ragged Moms

I pretty much stink at taking care of myself lately. I will Go-Go-Go until I am forced to take a break and take care of myself. As I said in my last post, a friend made this observation about frazzled and stressed-out moms:  Generally a mom in that condition has either been running ragged taking care of everyone else, or has been checking out and “resting” in ways that aren’t actually helpful.  That has ME written all over it. I also think moms put off spending any money on themselves. Or at least I know that *I* am guilty. Most

For the Mom Who Feels Depressed, Worn, & Weary

I hit a wall last week. Figuratively, I was pushing ahead, slogging through an overwhelming schedule, head down and leaning into the wind, when I ran head first into a wall and crashed. I needed rest, but life keeps moving forward so I had to get up and keep moving forward, too, dragging myself through the quicksand of my day. Sometimes it’s so hard to make yourself keep putting one foot in front of the other, because you are just. so. weary. Today I was talking with a friend about how I felt when I said, “I feel gray today. I

One Eclipse, One Hurricane, One Dead Monitor, and ONE MONTH Later…

  The last month has been a whirlwind!! A crazy, mother-nature filled, life event packed, whirlwind. It’s hard to believe that only a month ago, we road-tripped 12 hours away to Nashville.  .  .  and took a day and a half to get there. (It seems SO LONG AGO already.) After being stuck on 5 miles of interstate in Texarkana for four hours, (because of a major accident in a major construction zone,) we had to stop for the night just short of Memphis and continue our journey to Nashville the following day. In Nashville, I got to meet an

Back to School HOMESCHOOL Supply Shopping List

Because we’re preparing for a trip to watch the total eclipse, I’ve been out and about at the store a lot lately and I keep seeing this same phenomenon at every store I visit. Have you seen them? They’re everywhere. They look like moms but they have this glazed look in their eyes, a paper in their hand, and a cart full of school supplies. You’ve seen them, too?? I don’t envy them. And I do. All at the same time. I’m so glad that we don’t have to follow a list of requirements, that we can set our own list

Online Resources and Help for Homeschooling in Texas

Online Resources and Help for Homeschooling “And now,.. the end is near..”  (I feel like “My Way” is kind of appropriate, don’t you feel?)  The final bit of information I have to share for this series, is a list of resources and help for homeschooling that you may find useful as you navigate homeschooling–especially in the area of high school and graduation. A lot of this is generic information that will help any homeschooler, which has been gathered with the freedoms of Texas homeschooling in mind. The first couple of sections are specifically high school related, with some grade-generic resources in the list