Back to (Home) School – Got Books?

Raise your hand if you have books. No, I mean EXTRA books? *raises hand* Don’t we all? Even though I save the majority of our books to be passed on to younger children, I still end up with some things that I don’t intend to keep for one reason or another. I didn’t think I had that much, but once I actually started pulling things off shelves, (and out of the “attic” – I sure hope appreciate me going up there!) I found that I do have a little stash of books I can sell off to make a little

Back to (Home) School 2010: Our Curriculum

Updated to add: I’m also linking this to The Heart of The Matter Online’s “Not Back to School Bloghop” – you can hop over there to find MORE posts about school curriculum. =) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I am a SERIOUS school supply, office supply, and yes.. curriculum junkie. I have to keep myself in check when this time of year rolls around and it can be really hard sometimes to make decisions over which curriculum to go with. I know, I know, I could just pick an all-in-one, straight out of the box curriculum. I’ve tried to go that route, but I’m

Back to (Home) School: Our School Day

Do you ever wonder what “doing school” looks like for other families? Sometimes I wish I could be a fly on the wall of some of my homeschooling friends, just to see what their day is like. I have a feeling I could learn a lot from my homeschooling friends, they all seem to do so well at it. I bet they have their moments, too, though. We all do. Still. It would nice to be a fly for a day. 😉 Our school day hasn’t been the same from one year to the next. Shucks, sometimes it changes from

Back To (Home) School: My Students; Teaching Multiple Grades & Learning Styles

Having 3 kids will teach you many things. Among these, having 3 (or more) kids will really demonstrate just how unique and different each child is, and how they have different ways of learning. No two of my three children have the same school strengths, interests or learning styles. One of the most confusing things in the early years of homeschooling was how I could try the same exact approach and do the same exact things with Drama Queen that I did with Princess but it wasn’t working. “But why not??” Because – they are not the same, they don’t

Back to (Home) School 2010 – New Goals

Welcome all excited, frazzled, giddy, cross-eyed, school-planning homeschool moms! (And Dads, if you’re reading this. Hi!!) The end of the summer signals many changes coming, a promise of cooler weather (the sooner the better) and the beginning of a new school year! Back to school for us usually means back to school after about a month off from our year round schooling. This year is means we’d better hurry up and finish last year before the new year starts! The beginning of the school year (whenever we get there) also promises to bring many changes for us. While most homeschoolers

In Which I Attempt To Think About Curriculum: Our Faith-Based Eclectic Approach (With A Little Giveaway)

My brain is mush!! I can’t believe that it’s time for curriculum and new school years and all that. I. Can’t. Even. But, hey! There’s a teeny giveaway at the bottom of this post, so at least there’s that. As proof of my current brain-mush-state, I offer the evidence that I completely, totally, overlooked, missed, and forgot about my annual Back to (Home) School series in July. Brain. Mush. So I’m just going to attempt to get the curriculum list out of my head and written down here so I can come back and refer to it later. Okey-dokey? And