Celebrating Advent – Home Made Advent Calendar

This year we added an Advent calendar to our activities. I didn’t want to spend money on one so we made one. I found the idea online, and then I modified it to fit in with our needs. Making your own Advent Calendar with items you already have in your home!Collect: 12 toilet paper rolls (or 6 paper towel tubes, or any combination thereof.) Green construction paper. Poster paints. A large piece of cardboard, poster board, or thick finger painting paper. a ruler an exacto knife, box blade, or any other kind of straight blade scissors hot glue glue stick

Celebrating Advent – Our Traveling Nativity

Another Advent tradition we have here is our traveling nativity. A couple of years ago I purchased a really inexpensive set of resin nativity figures that looks like little children dressed up in costumes. It only includes one shepherd and one angel, but they’re very adorable. I also purchased a small wooden nativity stable at the same time that is decorated with straw and peat moss, etc. Each year we pull out the set and decide on a place for the stable. This year it’s on top of the tv. There’s a cow, and we go ahead and let him

Celebrating Advent – Our Christmas Tree

Here at our house, we really get into celebrating Advent. We are not Catholic; we celebrate Advent because we love it. Advent means “coming” and lasts all through December, and for some, until the day of Epiphany on January 6th. It’s a time to celebrate the coming of the Messiah two thousand years ago, to celebrate the coming of Christmas morning when we remember his birth , and to celebrate that Jesus will come again some day in the future. It’s a time of anticipation, and to that end, my family uses many different traditions to celebrate Advent in a

Advent is here!

Okay, it’s been here a week, but I’ve been otherwise occupied. I know I’m going to be posting a lot about Advent and the things we are doing. However, they’ll all be on my other blog, Bringing School Home because, to me, educating my children doesn’t stop with the ABC’s. It has a lot to do with teaching them about God. Celebrating Advent is a great way to worship, celebrate and learn about God. Plus, if you start at the beginning of December and carry through to January 6th, that’s 5 whole weeks of Christmas cheer! I love it. Christmas

God is Good! (I’ve won the challenge!)

I know, I’ve said it before. But I’ll say it again — God is good! He has blessed me so much through this challenge, showing me that I don’t have to be a slave to clutter, teaching me how to be a good steward of my home, showing me the importance of involving the kids and setting them up for good habits when they are one day on their own. I’ve seen again the blessing I have in my sister-in-law and my friends and family as they helped me and cheered me on. I have witnessed his provision of determination

Using Lists With Task-Oriented Kids

I like lists. I make lists for everything. Apparently I have passed this affinity on to my six year old daughter. Often, she drags her feet through household chores, certain parts of her school work, running errands, etc. She constantly asks me (at the end of the day) “What are we doing tomorrow?”, (in the morning) “What are we doing today?”, and (throughout the day) “What are we doing after this?” With a list, she is eager to read what we are going to do, to go check the list to see what is next, and sometimes it makes getting