Ten Ways to Love Your Husband Without Breaking the Bank

Here’s the deal, ladies.. my husband and I? We don’t really do much for Valentine’s Day. *gasp!* I do enjoy taking the opportunity to show my husband that I care about him, and Valentine’s Day is just an excuse to do that intentionally. But really, you can (should) do that anytime for any reason, right? So whether you’re looking for some frugal ways to let your hubby feel loved this Valentine’s Day, or whether it’s his birthday or it’s just Tuesday.. here’s a list of ten frugal suggestions to help you do that. Ten Ways to Love Your Husband {Without

Marriage Monday ~ Content

Most of the time I try to be content with whatever life brings. Sometimes I do fail though. And what I have learned is this: complaining and whining only stresses my husband out and causes contention between us. (And sometimes it spreads to the children!) It’s true. I looked up “content” in the Thesaurus and felt convicted by the list of antonyms I found there! depressed disagreeable discontent dissatisfied disturbed needy unhappy upset wanting Ouch! Any time I am being disagreeable, dissatisfied, needy, unhappy, upset or wanting…I am not being content! Have you ever read the bible straight through? I

Not Your Typical Post About Valentine’s Day

**Originally published February 13th, 2010.** I am, and always have been, a hopeless romantic. Those grand, romantic gestures that movies are made of make my heart melt. I wanted my husband to propose to me on Valentine’s Day on one knee in front of an entire restaurant after having the ring cleverly placed in my dessert. (He didn’t, but we’ll get to that in a minute.) I am also fluent in the love languages of gift-giving and quality time so Valentine’s Day just plays right into that, it speaks my language. I’d love nothing more on Valentine’s Day than for

Show Him Some Love

Emily (new bloggy acquaintance found through the UBP!) has a REALLY GOOD challenge going on right now. It’s a “Show Him Some Love” challenge. I like the sound of that!! I’ve written a little bit before (here and here and here and here) on how I feel about my husband, loving him, wifery, etc. It’s something I hope to write more about in the near future. And this challenge is a good way to get started. The basic idea is that you read over this list of 100 Ways to Show Love to your husband, pick 5 to complete by/work