3 Tips for Kitchen Cleaning That Save Time & Money

3 Kitchen Cleaning Tips to Save Time and Money I’m not a fan of cleaning the kitchen, but I do like have a clean one. It stands to reason, then, that I must do the first to get the second. If you’re like me and you want a clean kitchen as easily and frugally as possible, you might be looking for ways to save time and money while doing it. These three kitchen tips were originally posted here back in the very early days of my blogging. While cleaning up the clutter and crumbs that accumulate from so many years

How to: Taking Your Own Homeschool Senior Portraits

How to Take Your Own Homeschool Senior Portraits Taking your own homeschool senior portraits is a bit of a challenge but something you can totally pull off with some planning and effort. (This is something else we were trying to do in the middle of graduating early and planning a graduation and registering for classes.) Ideally, you won’t be trying to get all of these things done at once. Even if you do have more time to get this done, you’re still going to run into some challenges, learning curves, and hurdles. It turned out that one of our biggest

Come, Shoot the Breeze With Me

News! Come, Shoot the Breeze With Me is going on a holiday hiatus. I have a few things to go ahead and share with you today, but I’m going to take a rest from this weekly theme for the rest of the year. The Breeze will return after the new year… maybe. We’ll see. In the meantime, a few holiday links for you: Christmas Cookie Tutorial from Bake @ 350 at We Are That Family No Sew Fleece Pillow Fold & Snip Stars Potted Paper Christmas Tree Decorations 3-D Paper Boxes and Stars Kristi’s Friday Favorites @ Run the Earth,

A Mystery Box And Some Christmas Cheer

So, I didn’t tell y’all this yet, but a little over a month ago… I stayed up until 3 in the morning to win a mystery box of Christmas goodies from We Are That Family. Oh yes, I did. I was working on a friend’s site anyway so I stayed up working and frequently checking back to catch a snapshot of her visitor counter hitting the big ONE MIL. And I caught it. Hubs thought I was crazy, but he went along with it. “Why do you want to stay up if you don’t know what is in the box??”

Looking Forward to Spring

No, I’m not bemoaning the winter, or snow (we don’t have any) or the holidays. I love this time of year. But as much as Christmas excites me, the prospect of moving out of this place and into some place better excites me even more. And God-willing, that will happen sometime this spring. Long story short, this mobile home that we have been living in for the past five years has provided a roof over our heads, a place to sleep, eat, live and be a family. It fits the bill, but to be honest, our landlord was ready to

Want some REASONABLE gift suggestions this year??

The internet is all aflutter with hot toys and gadgets and must-haves for this Christmas season. Now, I’m not pointing fingers or saying that is wrong, and I’m not calling out any specific products either. But I AM saying that USUALLY… the “hottest” items also have really hot price tags. Yowza! And some of my readers might be looking for gifts a little less Yowza. I am very blessed with kiddos who are very down to earth – or at the very least – take it reasonably well when Momma brings them back down to earth. (No sweetheart, nine year