Flash Cards Work!

You’re probably shaking your heads and thinking: “Silly woman, they’re supposed to work!” Well, now I know it. 🙂 I inherited a used, FREE, good condition set of flash cards from a friend who uses Saxon Math. I think it came in the second grade kit, if I remember correctly. It does have multiplication and division which we’re not ready for yet, but I’ve been using the addition cards for my first grader this week. Each day before we start math I’ve been drilling her with the cards for the sets she has learned so far (“0+_”, “1+_”, “2+_”, “9+_”,

Reading Time

Last Thursday we made our first trip to the library in a long time. Yay!! The first grader was at dance and so I took the preschooler and the baby boy and we went in for a ‘quick’ trip to the library. Ha. Somebody decided it would be a good idea when they built the library to give it high, open, ceilings. Ceilings that create good… echoes. Baby boy discovered the echo when he squealed… and boy did he think that was cool. He ran here, he ran there, he ran everywhere but to mommy. He went around the aisle

A Historical Thanksgiving Feast

This year we are planning on preparing a historical Thanksgiving Feast. We aren’t learning about pilgrims in school right now, but that’s the way I run this school–I don’t like to miss opportunities to learn. 🙂 At any rate, we’ve been looking up information online and I’ve found this article on the History Channel’s website to be quite informative and helpful: First Thanksgiving Oooh, this is going to be so much fun! No forks! 😀 Sorry, I got a little giddy for a second. Although, I must say that I’m gonna have to put a lot of thought into the