Our Alphabetical Middle Grades Read-Aloud Challenge

*This post contains affiliate links.* Reading By the Letter: Our Alphabetical Middle Grades Read-Aloud Challenge I love books. I’ve tried to pass on my love of books to my children, and one of the ways I’ve tried to do that is by reading to my kids. I love reading to them and even though they’ve grown up quite a bit now (and one of them is about to be 18!) I keep on reading to them. Some days they are more agreeable than others, but mostly they don’t mind.  We’ve read so many great stories over the years. We do have

10 Fourth Grade Books Made Into Movies

Books really start getting fun around fourth grade! That was the year I really remember getting into reading. My favorite book that year was Charlotte’s Web–I read it twice! I remember reading Freckle Juice, too, (which hasn’t been made into a movie yet,) and I know there were many others. ONE THING you’ll notice which is different about this list: the “read-aloud” section is gone. Read-alouds are still good! Read to your kids until they move out of the house. =) Just pick one. Any of the books on this list will do. You can also take turns reading the book to

Nine 3rd Grade Books That Have Been Made Into Movies

Hello, friends! I finally finished compiling a list of 3rd grade books which have been made into movies. But first, just a quick note to point out what you’ve probably already noticed. If you’re reading this in your inbox, everything should look a lot cleaner and nicer than what it has for many years. I finally made the jump away from the old RSS service and I’m glad I did! I haven’t liked the way the old emails have looked for a very long time. But enough about that!… July is here and almost half-gone already! Summer break is on the down

Summer Reading Round-Up

Summer reading round-up! Any time is a good time to read a book! But there are few times better than on a hot summer afternoon, relaxing with a book and a cold, iced drink. I’ve been a busy reader this summer! Well, compared to my reading record lately. One of my goals for this more intentional, more relaxed summer is to read more books. I’m currently finishing up the Narnia anthology that I purchased a few years ago. So far this summer I have read Prince Caspian, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, and The Silver Chair. One more book

Summer Reading Challenge (9 Year Old Son)

This post contains affiliate links. Just in case you were wondering, I do have a Summer Reading Challenge for my nine year old son, too! He’s already working on it, and doing pretty well. (I shared the challenge for the 15 year old here and for the 12 year old here.) Creating a challenge for the boy was a bit trickier, but we came up with a good list. And by the way, I had a highly scientific method for choosing how  many books they each needed to read (it’s two-thirds of their age. Complicated, right?) 😉 His Summer Reading

Summer Reading Challenge (For My 12 Year Old Daughter)

Two weeks ago I shared the Summer Reading Challenge for my oldest daughter. I have lists for the other two kids also, and they are reading books on their lists right now. I finally found time to share the reading challenge for my 12  year old daughter, who (as you can see by her list,) loves to read about horses. However, as her mother and teacher, I would like her to read about other things, too. So her list is a good mix of horse books and other classics. Her Summer Reading Challenge List 1. The Secret Garden (Free on