SpellQuizzer: Review & Giveaway

School is in full swing!! I’ve already heard some of my public schooling friends comment about helping their children with their spelling lists and I’ve already had discussions with other homeschool moms about improving our childrens’ spelling. Regardless of age, school choice or ability, spelling is one of those things that all kids practice and learn their entire school career (and hopefully beyond.) My point is this: No one is exempt from Spelling! Spelling is one of the things I really wanted to do a better job of working on this year (in addition to writing and grammar, it’s kind

Cool Math 4 Kids

Earlier today my 9 yr old asked me to find some new games online for her to play. I countered with, “After you play Timez Attack for a little while.” She scoffed but that was the deal, so that’s how it went down. 😉 After she’d practiced her multiplication facts for a little while I went online and sent her this link: http://www.coolmath4kids.com/. To which her reply was: “Math? I meant a fun game.” I encouraged her to click the link and try it and before you know it we were both trying our hand at the brain teasers. (I