Music with Mike Mulligan from Maestro Classics (Review)

What do you get when you cross a favorite childhood tale with an orchestra? You get Maestro Classics. 😉 I’m making an effort to fit more music study into our week and one of the ways I’m doing that is with Maestro Classics cds. We’ve taken our kids to the orchestra before, and they enjoyed it okay, but the thing about Maestro Classics is that it brings the orchestra to your kids — both physically, but also on their level. I’ve had my eye on them for a long, long time, and we’re finally diving in and trying them out

Classical Music Freebie – Bach

I found this Bach freebie at Homeschool Freebie of the Day and I thought I’d share! The complete organ works of Johann Sebastian Back, about 270 pieces, free and available for download. Read more about it and get this freebie, head over to Homeschool Freebie of the Day! For more information about Johann Sebastian Bach: An informative bio More info about Bach, concertos, and the Baroque period at Classics for Kids Books about Bach: Johann Sebastian Bach (Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Composers) Johann Sebastian Bach, his Life, Art, and Work Johann Sebastian Bach: The Learned Musician

Downloadable Music Theory Workbooks from G Major Music Theory

G Major Music Theory offers (among other things) free downloadable music theory workbooks suitable for high school aged students, though you may be able to use some of it with children even younger. The first three or four chapters (divided into smaller weekly lessons and then practiced and reviewed before moving on) would make a nice music curriculum for younger grades. The music theory series, which he calls “Pathways to Harmony” is located under the “Music Fundamentals” tab. They also offer piano music and guitar music for beginners on up and other music theory practices that would be more suited

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Get in on the fun with Explore & Learn at the Metropolitan Museum online. Learn more about the artists, themes and cultures behind some of the works. Interact with some of the artwork. You may even go back to the main website and view some of the exhibits. Tour the Met from the comfort of your own home and introduce your children to the beauty of art.