Learning Art & Art History With See the Light Art Projects (Review)

Poppy Collages à la Georgia O’Keeffe Anything that involves paper, glue and scissors is a “Win” in our home. When Princess was 3, I would sit her down with construction paper and safety scissors to let her cut tiny little pieces of “confetti” for craft projects. It would occupy her for hours. She used to love to cut pictures out of magazines by theme or letter sound and glue them into a collage for school projects. Princess isn’t 3 anymore – she’s 13, and she still loves art, and likes to play with scissors and glue. In fact, Princess is

How to Make Your Own Sensory Balloons (or Stress Balls)

Last Friday I told you about a project I did with the kids during the week, making our own sensory balloons (or stress balls, whichever you want to use them for!) This was the EASIEST thing. And the kids had a blast. (I mean, bouncing off the walls, can’t contain their excitement, full on squealing GLEE. Ask my mom, she called in the middle of it!)

Making Homemade Play Dough

Recently, I threw all parental up-tightness and caution to the wind and did something crazy: I let the kids make their own play dough. It was messy, it was frugal, and oh-all-right the kids had fun doing it. The upside was that I got to stand and take pictures. 🙂 How to make homemade play dough: Need: 4 cups flour 1/4 cup salt 1 1/2 cups water liquid food coloring extra flour Step 1: Mix the food color into the water. Choose the colors you want your play dough to be and add enough drops of color into the water