Drowning In Stuff

I feel like I’m drowning in stuff. Anybody else feel like that? And it’s not all bad stuff, and it’s certainly not all stuff that we’ve purchased. A lot of it is stuff that we’ve been given. We’ve been very blessed over the years to receive lots of hand-me-down clothes and shoes from friends. A lot of times those also come with other items like purses, decorations, books, etc. But I also do shop at thrift stores and Good Will. I add to the problem some. And of course – kids grow. They outgrow clothes. Y’ALL. We have bags and

Never-ending Housework

You’ve seen the memes. “The NeverEnding Story as a kid: a kid’s movie. The never ending story as an adult: THE LAUNDRY PILE.” The meme is successful because it’s true. Being “done” with laundry, or dishes, or mopping, is a short-lived victory. As soon as you finish cleaning the kitchen you realize the dirty washcloth and hand towel need to go in the laundry. No sooner do you mop the floor than a cup of juice gets spilled, a muddy dog walks through, or a trash bag leaks. It’s a continuous cycle. “Done” is elusive. Early this morning, just before

Want to Watch the Marvel Hero Movies in Order?

*Post contains Amazon affiliate links.* We have some superhero fans in this house. We are all pretty fond of Iron Man, and Thor is pretty cool, too. Well, so is Captain America. And Hulk. Okay, it’s hard to choose! Yesterday we realized that our Netflix DVD queue was looking pretty sad–and we haven’t been staying on top of sending our movie back in and getting the next one for quite some time. (No wonder, if there’s nothing we are looking forward to getting!) After thinking for a minute, my son and I had the idea to watch all the Marvel hero

Menu Plan Monday (and Whole 30 Week 3)

*Post contains Amazon affiliate links.* WEEK THREE! The first two weeks of Whole 30 went really well. I’m feeling pretty good and I’m losing weight at a safe pace (3.3 lbs in the last two weeks.) Here are some pictures of some of the things I ate. I have some new recipes to try this week! I also have a recipe of my own to share with you later this week. Let’s see what is on the menu for all of us, and what’s on my Whole 30 plate this time… (The asterisk, again, indicates a meal where I will

Menu Plan Monday (And Whole30 Week 2)

*This post contains Amazon affiliate links.* I survived the first week! I knew I would. I did really, really well, too. There were a couple of times I discovered something had a hidden ingredient, or I didn’t read a label well enough. I “stole” a swig of ginger ale in a weak moment (I don’t even LIKE ginger ale!)  But overall I did really, really well. I think there’s a little bit of grace in the first week as you learn to read labels well and learn to overcome bad habits (purists might disagree,) but moving in to week two

Menu Plan Monday – Whole 30 Week 1

This post contains Amazon affiliate links. Hello, Day 1 of Whole 30! I conquered this once, I can do it again. 😉 To make sure I do it well, and feed the rest of the family, too, here’s a thorough menu for the week!! Anything I eat will be Whole 30 approved, so if I say “bacon,” use a sauce, or add something to my coffee–it will be W30 compliant. Everything will also be as natural and simple on ingredients as I can find. If a meal has an asterisk after it, it means that I’m making the same meal