10 Free Thanksgiving Resources

NOVEMBER ALREADY?? Goodness, it’s going to be Thanksgiving before we know it! With that in mind, I thought a Thanksgiving themed Ten on Tuesday list would be appropriate. =) How about ten free Thanksgiving resources? Actually, a few of these are lists so there’s a lot more than ten! These cover a variety of subject areas and age groups so have fun digging in! Also, don’t forget I have a great big “Free & Frugal Thanksgiving Resource” list myself. Ten Free Thanksgiving Resources 1.) 50 Free Fall Printables for Kids From Look We’re Learning, this isn’t solely Thanksgiving related but

Enter to Win $400 in Christmas Cash!

Have you been following the 40 Days of Christmas over at iHomeschool Network? We’re nearing the end of that 40 Days and we have a heck of a GRAND FINALE for you.  1.) All the previous Stocking Stuffer Giveaways will RE-OPEN! Missed one? No Worries! 2.) Day 39, TODAY 12/12/13, is a huge stocking stuffer prize of $400 in Amazon or Paypal gift cards. Yes, $400! Donated by iHomeschool Bloggers (of which I am one – Merry Christmas!) 3.) Tomorrow, Day 40, enter to win ONE OF EVERYTHING. Yes, everything, Including another $400 gift card to Amazon or Paypal. Merry

12 Days of Easter Wrap-Up

I had intended that I’d write every day (or almost) of the 12 Days of Easter this year. I got off to a really great start, writing ahead of time and planning and scheduling. But then life happened, which it often does, and that’s okay. The kids and I had a really busy holiday week last week. We held a Tenebrae service at our church on Thursday evening. Good Friday was spent at Rock the Flags (a Christian band concert at Six Flags Arlington) with the youth group. And we had a really great Easter Sunday. Rising with the sun,

12 Days of Easter: Watch An Easter Movie Together

Continuing with my “12 Days of Easter” series, watching a movie together is always something that my kids enjoy doing together. Especially if we go as far as popping the popcorn and turning out the lights. Even better if it’s on a Friday night and we let them camp out in the living room floor with sleeping bags and pillows, staying up late and falling asleep whenever they want. So today’s 12 Days of Easter activity is to watch and Easter movie together. We don’t really have a lot of movies for Easter, though. Most Easter movies are very much

12 Days of Easter: Art Projects

If it’s a holiday of any kind then art projects inevitably abound in our house. (It’s the easiest thing to do, that’s why.) There are so many possibilities! Easter art projects we’ve done so far this year: Completed the three art lessons on The Crossmaker DVD from See the Light Experimented with chalk pastels while drawing Easter Lilies. Watercolor painted Easter scenes Today in church the kids made palm leaves out of construction paper – totally getting added to our bulletin board Last week the kids and I also started this watercolor lesson from the See the Light Blog. We’ll

12 Days of Easter: Plant an Easter Herb Garden

The Last Supper that Jesus ate with his disciples was possibly a Passover Seder. Even if it wasn’t, they most likely would have had a Seder for Passover that week, and they had probably shared several Passover meals together. I haven’t personally had the privilege of participating in a Seder, but I very much want to have one. Maybe next year I can remember to start planning that early enough in advance. One of the elements of the passover meal is the bitter herbs, which represents the bitterness of the slavery of the Israelites in Egypt. In a similar fashion,