Bonus Currclick Freebie: Father’s Day Notebooking Pages

An added bonus this week is a Father’s Day freebie: “Father’s Day Notebooking Pages.” You can download it free right now by clicking HERE. I downloaded this for the kids and the thing I like best about it is that it provides a variety of options for a variety of age levels. There are blank (ruled and decorated) pages for older children who can write there own letters. There are writing prompts for younger children , “Dad, you are great because________,” that you could also use with very young children, asking their answers verbally and writing it down for them.

Currclick Freebie:The Baroque Era – Art, Architecture and Music

This week’s Currclick freebie is “The Baroque Era – Art, Architecture and Music.” Usually $19.00, it’s available this week for FREE download. From their site: In this comprehensive and multisensory 248 page unit study, your children will explore much more than baroque art, architecture and music! This unit study takes your child on a journey through time, from 1600-1750, to learn about the history, culture, arts, and global influences in Western Europe during the baroque period. Children will engage in interactive and multi-sensory activities while studying and comparing the art, architecture and music of the baroque masters. Children will meet

Currclick Freebie: Happy Scribe Copybook – Pet Friends

This week’s Currclick Freebie is the Happy Scribe Copybooks:Pet Friends. A good way to get in some extra handwriting practice over the summer or perhaps appeal to a reluctant writer who loves animals. From their site: If you want your children to have beautiful handwriting, then they need to practice! However, so many handwriting copybooks offer boring, worn-out sayings that do not interest most children today! How about combining your children’s interests and studies into their handwriting drills to make them fun and exciting? Happy Scribe Copybooks are just the answer! Each copybook has twenty sayings, presented in three different

Mammoth Math: Clock

This week’s CurrClick Freebie is Math Mammoth: Clock. This is one in a series of Math Mammoth e-books with resources ranging from early addition to division and to geometry. This week only, the Clock resource is available for free download. From their website: Math Mammoth Clock is a worktext that covers telling time and reading the clock, telling time intervals, and understanding the calendar. The book contains both textbook explanations and exercises, and is designed to be very easy to teach from, requiring very little teacher preparation. Math Mammoth Clock covers reading the clock, figuring out simple time intervals, and Printables and Resources

I found this homeschool resource site today: This lady has been assembling resources and printables for your download and use, from forms to math to language arts and more, since 1998. Check out this snippet from Donna’s Copywork page: A few ideas for copy-work and dictation…. Grades K-2 As soon as your child can write letters and words, he should begin copy work. The early form of copy work consists of your child looking at a letter or a word that you wrote on the whiteboard or a piece of paper and he copies it on his paper. This