My Mess Does Not Define Me

I don’t know when I started seeing my self-worth in terms of what I did or did not accomplish. I’m not sure if it has always been there, lurking, or if this is something new that has crept in like a thief in the night come to kill, steal and destroy. One thing I do know is that the first time I ever dealt with depression, the devil went straight for my self esteem with lies that nobody liked me and I wasn’t good enough. I also know that even though (Praise the Lord) I haven’t dealt with depression on that level

Five Words I Never Thought I’d Say

Life has been really interesting lately. Where we are now, I would have never imagined nine, or six, or even three months ago. I certainly never would have imagined this a few years ago. But God tends to work things out how HE sees fit, right? Four years ago, God drew my husband back into church with us after ten years of staying home while I took the kids without him. {God first led my husband to take us to a nearby church his brother attends and we were there for a while before God then led my husband to

NOAH Movie: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Not that long ago, the movie that everyone was talking about was Disney’s latest release, “Frozen.” Many raved, many shrugged and some voiced concerns over perceived underlying messages–most notably that they felt there was some kind of gay agenda behind the song, “Let it Go.” (Although, many others also spoke out against those claims stating they perceived nothing of the sort.) It’s hard in cases like these to judge whether those are opinions that have been rightly formed until you’ve actually seen the movie in question. And for those who are curious, after I was ultimately coerced into finally watching

Books of the Bible “Jenga” Game

You know how I get these REALLY REALLY good ideas about once every six months or so??  God gave me another one: BOOKS OF THE BIBLE “JENGA.” Seriously. This is the most fun way to learn the books of the Bible! It’s SO easy to make, too!   How to Make Your Own Books of the Bible “Jenga” Game Needed: A print out of the books of the Bible, grouped into color categories. (Like this one.) Permanent markers in a large variety of colors. A wooden block game like “Jenga” (I didn’t actually use a “Jenga” set, I got a

What Will You Do With Ten Dollars? (An Operation Christmas Child Challenge)

It’s not too early to start thinking about Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.. in fact, Operation Christmas Child is already starting to promote the free resources and National Collection Week is only 3 months away! Last week I challenged you to join the Samaritan’s Purse Bloggers in a “Ten Dollar Challenge.” While out and about shopping the back to school sales, we committed to spending ten dollars (and seeing how far we could stretch that!) to pick up some things for our shoeboxes, and we asked if you would join us. Did you do it? Yay! Don’t worry, if you haven’t

Coming Soon: The Operation Christmas Child TEN DOLLAR CHALLENGE!

It’s “Back to School” season and sales are in the air! Moms are grabbing up the great deals like a kid in a candy sale. Are you one of them? This year as you’re cruising the back-to-school sales, (or the after school sales) the Samaritan’s Purse Bloggers would like to issue a challenge to you. While you’re out and about, we want to challenge you to think ahead and shop for your Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes. What better time to stock up on things like pencils and pencil sharpeners than right now? So we have a challenge. Our challenge