10 Christian Film Industry Movies You Should Watch

*This post contains affiliate links.* My husband is something of a Christian movie buff. He watches anything he finds, not just on Netflix but frequently buying the DVDs (sometimes before watching them!,) and my introverted husband even wants to watch them in the theater when they come out if he can make it. And sure, some of them are better made than others, but he knows that if we support the Christian film industry and small production companies in their infancy, they will grow to bigger and better things. You can see this at work with the Kendrick brothers, and the significant improvement

It Was A TOOTHBRUSH (Marriage Monday)

It was a toothbrush.  What I had done as a task of kindness was being used as a tool of division–that six inch toothbrush growing before our eyes to the size of a sword, a catapult, and then finally, a brick wall. How can a toothbrush cause so much trouble?  This incident took place last Monday–the same day that my husband started doing The Love Dare along with some accountability partners, to learn to love more like Jesus. (I’m reading along as well, but my husband didn’t know this at this point.) Do you know what the challenge for Day 1 is?

God Answers Prayer

Recently my husband and I were pleased to attend a 60th birthday party for a godly man that we know. At the party, friends and family were asked to share funny stories about him–and many did. But many also couldn’t resist sharing how God has used this man in their life somehow. I sat and listened and laughed and smiled at the funny stories and the wonderful testimonies until the end, when I was struck with a revelation of my own. Many years ago, from about 2005-2010, when my husband was fighting God and fighting hard–I prayed. I prayed many,

On Being a Pastor’s Wife

Eight months ago, I got a new hat. A new, unfamiliar, but really good hat. My new “Pastor’s Wife” hat was added to my closet next to my Mom Hat, Wife Hat, Homeschool Hat, and all the other hats I have. Of course I have some hats I haven’t worn in a while: the Home Canner Hat, the Artist Hat, and the Blogger Hat which gets inconsistent use these days. I pull them out every now and then, dust them off for a quick use and then put them away again. I have a lot of hats – figuratively speaking. Literally,

For Those Who Are Weary In The Waiting — Mercy Is New

Today I’m sharing a piece of me at Mercy Is New. We all have a story, a testimony, or two or three. This is a pretty big piece of mine. If you’re in the middle of your testimony building story right now and you’re bone weary from the journey, I want you to know that I have been there, too. God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good. Even in the waiting. Find “Weary in the Waiting” at Mercy is New. God Bless. 

The Fear

There is fear inside me. It doesn’t rear it’s ugly head often. I wouldn’t say “I live in fear,” but fear definitely lives in me. Most days I never see it. Walking from the house to the mail box, I don’t worry about snakes or wolves or anything terribly irrational. Running errands in town, I don’t worry about having an accident, or the kids burning the house down while I am gone. I am, as far as I can tell, functional and normal and fine. … But other times . . . I don’t know how to shake it. Maybe