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I’m still having trouble thinking about the new school year, but try as I may to ignore it, the start date circled on the calendar creeps steadily closer and closer. 

Still somewhat reluctant to embrace it, I feel a little more inclined to begin some early stage planning.

– What books do we have, which ones do we need?

– What changes do we need to make for the new year?

– What’s our school day going to look like?

You know I’ve gone back and forth on our level of structure/flexibility. I still maintain that keeping a certain amount of flexibility is important, but there’s a certain amount of structure required for me to keep our day going well and we’ve just completely thrown that out the window as of late.

In response, I sat down and crafted a beautiful, well-structured routine for our entire day, from wake to sleep, to implement in the new school year.

It’s lovely.

(Maybe I’ll actually try to follow it…)

(Or maybe not…)

Assessing what books we have and need is significantly easier than the rest of the planning. We have many books that pass from kid to kid. We have many series that we are hard and fast devoted to, so choosing books is a simple matter of moving to the next book in the series. Fortunately, it doesn’t use up a lot of my brain cells. 

The first three books on my list are now ordered and on their way.

And so it begins.

So a routine is planned, notes are made, the first of the books are on their way. Now I have a pile of “To Do” list items to accomplish in the next two weeks. <– And that’s the hardest part of all.

The school room needs a purge and clean. I have things to print and things to laminate. I have many household things to catch up on if I’m going to be able to follow our routine all. I have a back to school party to plan (and NO IDEA how to plan it — I outdid myself the last two years and I’m drawing a creative blank.)


The school year cometh. I have resigned myself to thinking and planning for it. If you don’t hear from me again, I’m probably stress paralyzed. 😉 (It’s a thing. Look it up.) 

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