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Hello, Day 1 of Whole 30! I conquered this once, I can do it again. ūüėČ

To make sure I do it well, and feed the rest of the family, too, here’s a thorough menu for the week!! Anything I eat will be Whole 30 approved, so if I say “bacon,” use a sauce, or add something to my coffee–it will be W30 compliant. Everything will also be as natural and simple on ingredients as I can find. If a meal has an asterisk after it, it means that I’m making the same meal for myself and just leaving off the non compliant ingredients.


So here goes!


  • Breakfast –¬†Yogurt/Granola, fruit
  • W30 B’fast –¬†Scrambled egg with peppers and green onions, sunflower seeds, sliced mango
  • Lunch/W30 Lunch ¬†–¬†Chef salads – romain, carrots, mushrooms, boiled eggs, ham
  • Snack –¬†sliced apples, almond butter
  • Supper/W30 Supper –¬†Meatloaf balls*, fried potatoes, salad


  • Breakfast/W30 B’fast –¬†Monkey salad (bananas, cashews, coconut)
  • Lunch –¬†Sandwiches, chips, raw veggies & ranch
  • W30 Lunch – lettuce sandwich wrap, raw veggies, fruit
  • Snack –¬†hard boiled eggs
  • Supper –¬†chicken fajitas*, guacamole


  • Breakfast/W30 B’fast –¬†Eggs/Bacon, sliced fruit, nuts
  • Lunch –¬†chicken salad sandwiches on croissants, kale chips
  • W30 Lunch – modified chicken salad lettuce wrap, kale chips
  • Snack –¬†strawberries w/ almond butter
  • Supper –¬†Hamburgers, potato chips
  • W30 Supper –¬†bunless burger, sliced avocado, kale chips


  • Breakfast –¬†Yogurt/Granola, fruit
  • W30 B’fast –¬†Fruit salad with coconut oil and sliced almonds
  • Lunch –¬†fried egg sandwiches, homemade sweet potato chips
  • W30 Lunch –¬†fried egg w/spinach, homemade sweet potato chips, quartered orange
  • Snack –¬†guacamole & bacon chips
  • Supper –¬†Sesame Ginger Chicken, Rice, Sliced peppers, Salad
  • W30 Supper –¬†Asian Chicken Salad with Sesame Ginger Dressing, mandarin oranges, sliced almonds


  • Breakfast –¬†Cereal
  • W30 B’fast –¬†Fried egg, bacon, sliced avocado, seeds and nuts
  • Lunch/W30 Lunch –¬†baked potatoes with bacon and broccoli
  • Snack –¬†Monkey salad (bananas, cashews, coconut)
  • Supper –¬†Date Night – eating out


  • Breakfast –¬†Biscuits, gravy, bacon, fruit
  • W30 B’fast –¬†Fruit salad with coconut oil and sliced almonds
  • Lunch –¬†ground beef & rice, black eyed peas, sliced bell peppers
  • W30 Lunch –¬†salad with hard boiled eggs, nuts & seeds
  • Snack –¬†baked sweet potato “fries” with coconut oil and pink salt
  • Supper –¬†BBQ chicken, mashed potatoes, broccoli, ranch beans, biscuits
  • W30 Supper –¬†Non-BBQ chicken, broccoli, dairy free mashed potatoes, nuts and seeds


  • Breakfast –¬†Donuts
  • W30 B’fast –¬†Monkey salad (bananas, cashews, coconut)
  • Lunch –¬†Tacos
  • W30 Lunch –¬†W30 compliant taco salad
  • Snack –¬†Fruit salad with coconut oil and sliced almonds
  • Supper/W30 Supper –¬†Breakfast for supper* – pancakes, fruit, bacon, scrambled eggs, fried potatoes

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