That’s how I feel about my blog. It’s a bit of an exaggeration, but it sure feels like it!

James’ parents arrived at our house a little over a week ago (in the middle of the second week of the ten day series.) They’re going to be living and working temporary jobs here in Texas for a few months, to spend some time with us, and right now they’re staying at our place until they can find something closer to their jobs but close enough to visit with us often. We have had a lot of fun having them here with us! My father-in-law had a job lined up already but his wife is still interviewing so she has been here during the day. The kids have been hurrying through school and then we’ve been playing outside with her, playing board games, riding bikes and chatting. In the evenings we’ve been making campfires in the fire pit we dug and we’ve talked until it was time to shower off the smokey smell and go to sleep. We’ve really enjoyed it.

And if that weren’t enough reason to not get a lot of blogging done, I’ve been ill all of this past week. It was a really blessing to have Kim here to help with the kids while I was sick. It was just a cold but it really drained me. One day the weather was so great, the kids were literally outside from the time they finished their morning chores until our campfire was over. I slept and rested and then sat in a chair outside and chatted and rested. That was nice. =)

I’m feeling better now, and we’ve settled into a routine here and I think I can find a way to carve some time for blogging each day, just a little, to finish what I began. I still owe you 3 more posts for my teaching reading series. Don’t think I forgot!! And I need to get back to my Marriage Monday series and finish up the alphabet with that. And I need to tell you about our Operation Christmas Child packing party! And update you on our house situation! So much to say, so little time. Until next time…

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