Top Ten Posts from July, Here at Classic Housewife

Top Ten posts from July!

July was a “banner” month for me! I had my highest monthly traffic EVER. Y’all rock. I just wanted to take a little peek at the highlights from July. If y’all like this, maybe I’ll make it a (semi) regular occurrence.

Top Ten Posts from July at Classic Housewife:

  1. 10 Exciting Traditions for the New School Year
  2. How I Use and Customize My Well Planned Day Lesson Planner
  3. 2012-2013 Curriculum and Resources
  4. Back to (Home) School 2012 ~ Our School, Our Students
  5. Back to (Home) School ~ Planning Our Days 
  6. 5 Ways to Support Your Favorite Blogs
  7. ABC’s of Eclectic Homeschool
  8. Back to (Home) School 2012 ~ Our School Area
  9. Marriage Monday ~ Initiative-Taking
  10. Ten Helpful Bible Verses for Homeschooling Moms

If you missed one of those, now’s your chance. ;0) You can find more Top Ten lists at Angie’s!

top ten posts from july

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I like this idea. It’s neat to see what interested people the most and in reading your list, I found that there was an article that I hadn’t noticed before and I’m sure glad I went over and read it!