DIY Sprinker Misting Hose

DIY Sprinker Misting HoseSummer is now upon us! For those of you with children in public and private schools, your children now have more free time on their hands and a greater probability of uttering the words, “Mom, I’m BORED.” For those of you who homeschool, you find yourself suddenly out of routine and in need of “something to do.”

For those of us who homeschool year round like myself, we face the same dilemma with all the other mothers, as our children yearn to go outside and run free while trying to find ways to beat the fierce summer heat. Depending on where you live, the summer can be fiercer in some places than others.

Here in central Texas, it’s pretty darn hot.

The trick, then, is to occupy our children’s minds, provide them with some physical activity and keep our children cool (so we don’t also hear, “Mom, I’m hot!”) How then to do that?

  • Last summer, I wrote up this list of Ten Things to Do This Summer. Reading over it again, I’ve got some great ideas for things to do that we didn’t do last summer. Anybody up for making Goop or an impromptu water balloon fight?? (Hello, “bunch o’ balloons!!“) This list will get your imagination going.
  • And to address the summer heat, read this post about Beating the Summer Heat. Our house (in the aforementioned REALLY HOT central Texas) doesn’t adequately cool and the height of the summer can be a real PAIN. This post is chock full of tips and tricks for scheduling your day around the heat of the day and for helping your children cool off.
  • Get creative!! This post, When ya don’t got rain, make some! demonstrates how a little creativity and imagination can go a long way towards turning a hot and cranky day around. And if you feel so inclined, you can make your own rain hose. (And for what it’s worth, we got a sprinkler this year and the kids like the rain hose better because the spray is softer.)

And if you like hand held books to browse through rather than tons of links to dig through, try this!

So, Moms, are you with me? We can survive this summer heat and hopefully prevent a little childhood boredom along the way.

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