Another Tuesday, another Top Ten list — this time it’s all about what our kids like about school. At the end of this post I’m “opening up the floor” — I want you know what YOU love about school! (Wherever, however, whenever YOU school!)

Ten Things My Kids Love About Our School

(P.S. I took answers my kids gave and used them to come up with these 10 things.)

10. Play dough is a regular part of our day! (We make brains with it.) ~ Little Prince

9. Comfy pj pants are acceptable school attire. ~ Princess

8. We don’t need hall passes or doctor’s notes. ~ Drama Queen
(Yes, Teacher Mom sees allllll…)

7. Drawing, doodling, and playing with legos during “lecture” is encouraged. ~Princess

6. Movies (documentaries) are essential historical learning aids. ~ Little Prince
(Note to self: Add “literary license” and “historical accuracy” to lesson plans..)

5. No detention. ~ Drama Queen
(Ah, but there are TIME OUTS…)

4. School projects include things such as “sew yourself an outfit” and “learn this song on guitar.” ~ Princess

3. We don’t *have* to sit at a table. ~Drama Queen

2. No “homework.” ~ Princess
(Yes, dear but it’s ALL home work! Mwahahahaaa!)

And the #1 thing my kids love most about our school is:
1. School breaks!! ~ Princess
(See? Something all kids have in common…)

In the interest of “fairness” I asked my kids to list some things they *don’t* like.. just so I know. Here are a few:

  • Educational videos with puppets. ~ Little Prince (duly noted!)
  • Having to get up to DO school. ~ Princess (Yes, well, that part isn’t an option..)
  • We can’t take naps. ~ Princess (Sure you can, after school.) =)

Ah, kids. I love them. =)

I attended public school myself and for the most part I always enjoyed it. I’d have listed things such as seeing my friends, art & music, and field trips. Now that I’m a homeschool mom, my list is pretty much the same with a few extras thrown in. I like getting together with other homeschool families, I enjoy doing art & music, I look forward to field trips, I am thankful to school with freedom (freedom of learning style, homeschool method, religious freedom, the whole nine yards,) I love watching my kids grow and learn and become little individual people, I love spending time with them (most of the time!)

What are your kids’ favorite things about school? (Public, private or homeschool?) What are yours?

Top Ten {Tuesday} is hosted by Angie at Many Little Blessings. For 10 weeks it’s all about homeschool at iHomeschool Network! This is week 3 of 10 and the topic is “what our kids like about it.” Hop over and check it out.

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