As I said the other day, last week I made a commitment to start making more things from scratch again. I’d kinda let that fall by the wayside a little bit. I’m not talking about things like making enchiladas instead of buying a frozen enchilada meal.. I do THAT all the time. I talking about the individual ingredients. For example, it’s been a while since I’ve made my own tortillas. MAN, those things are good, I should do that again soon!

MMm.. tortillas… I digress.

Maybe I haven’t been making tortillas this week but there are plenty of things I *have* been making.  Or if I haven’t made them in the past week, then they’re on the list for things to make this week.

  1. Kale Chips (counting this, because even though it might be considered a “side” I was thinking “Storebought chip replacements!”)
  2. Buttermilk biscuits –  no biscuit mix here! I used the copycat KFC recipe at the bottom of that page. And real buttermilk. And real butter. And unbleached flour. MMmmmmm.
  3. Yeast Rolls. Easy! The leftovers made GREAT sausage “biscuit” sandwiches for lunch the next day.
  4. Granola. Easy peasy. I didn’t even look at a recipe. I tossed some oats with honey and cinnamon to coat and baked them til done. Little Prince ate it like cereal with milk on it.
  5. Granola Bars – the yummiest ones I’ve ever made. I think I should have baked them a smidge longer get them a little firmer…
  6. Coffee Creamer and more Coffee Creamer! (Oh my goodness, you have to try this.)
  7. Yogurt (in the crockpot.)
  8. Fruit Leather made with apples and pears.
  9. Slow Oven-Roasted Dried Tomatoes for snacking or instead of chips. Say, “Goodbye chips!”
  10. Dried Apples– more good snackins!

Hm. Looking at my list again I think I could have called this, “10 Recipes to Eat Simply.” I feel like I’m adding all these gourmet foods to our diet but the truth is that they’re all very SIMPLE. And basic and back to the way God made them.. AND OH SO YUMMY.

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by Amanda @ Oh Amanda. I thought I’d join in for a while — I have a lot of things to catch up on and share and Top Ten lists sure are an easy way to do that!! =)

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