Not Christmas — the next best thing! It’s time for Back to School!

And back by popular demand (by at least three of you) I’m going to be doing the “Back to (Home) School” carnival again this year. But THIS year,… no more ‘post every day for a week’ craziness. How about every Monday during the month of July? Better? I thought, so too.

But WAIT! That means next Monday!

Yes, yes it does.

And next Monday is a holiday!

Yes, yes it is.

But I can’t very well say “every Monday except the first one which will be a Tuesday.” Talk about confusing. No worries, though… my post will be going up on Sunday and you’ll be able to link up for several days. So if you need to take off Monday to celebrate with your family – who am kidding… Go Celebrate The Holiday With Your Family! Link early or link late but on Monday celebrate!

Is there a plan? You betcha! Take a peek:

July 4th ~ Your Students / Your School

July 11th ~Your Curriculum (Or “must haves” for supplemental learning, favorite resources, etc.)

July 18th~Your School Room/Area (Or your favorite organizers/tools/etc.)

July 25th~Your School Day, Lesson Planning, Organizing, or Record Keeping

As always, if you’ve already written these posts on your own or for another blog hop/carnival it’s okay to link up a post you’ve already written!

So get ready to link up! Take this opportunity to share your tips, your wisdom, show off your shiny new books, or even poll your audience for opinions and suggestions. It’s the chance to showcase the things that you’ve got going for you (because if you’re like me… you’ve got plenty that still needs to be worked on! Is it just me??…)

See you Monday! (Or Sunday. Or Tuesday!)


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Hey, y’all! I'm Amber, and I wear many hats: Pastor's wife, marriage advocate, eclectic homeschooler, mother of three, and domestically challenged homemaker--lovin’ life and livin’ deep in the heart of Texas.
I love to write and I hope to use that wisely, to encourage others, and for God’s glory. I seek purpose in the mundane. I want my kids to see God’s fingerprints throughout all of creation, learning, and life. As I teach our children, God is teaching me through this homeschool journey, too. I love Jesus, family, coffee, words, and the color teal.
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