One week down. 7 Days. 168 hours. TWO books of the bible already!

Well.. almost two. Me, I’m actually a smidge behind. I’m halfway through Exodus and I was supposed to be starting Leviticus today! I thought I’d be able to sneak in lots of reading time today and get caught up… (excuse me for a moment while I go laugh hysterically.)


Last week was really busy and crazy, school was full — and I was sick, too! But I still managed to almost keep up and I’m going to get caught up over the course of the week. I will!

Things I’ve learned about this endeavor already:

1.) I do better when I read at least a few chapters in the morning, and read the rest at the end of the day.

2.) I really like reading on and listening to the audio as I read along with the words. It helps me pay attention, and the narrator doesn’t read it monotone or boring, he adds feeling to the words. (Sometimes I read out loud to myself, but he’s a better actor.) ;0)

3.) I should go ahead and get that full size ESV study bible I’ve been wanting.. my pocket bible is great but the tiny print isn’t ideal for reading ten chapters at a time!

Other thoughts:

4.) Even though it was last summer that I started reading the bible through (and made it to Deuteronomy before getting out of the habit)… it feels like it was just last month that I read Genesis and it all feels so fresh in my brain. At the same time, I noted several details that I didn’t remember or didn’t notice before. So. All the more reason to re-read and re-read, right?

5.) Genesis is RIPE with lessons for today. Who says the Old Testament isn’t relevant? Among these are: “A half truth is still a lie” as Abraham learned when he lied about Sarah being his wife and said, “Besides, she really is my sister.” I had at least 3 others but alas, I didn’t write them down. Which leads me to #6.

6.) I should write things down. I need to keep a notebook handy for jotting down thoughts as I read. Reading ten chapters at a time, if I think of something at the beginning of the reading, I’m likely to forget by the time I get to the end.

And that’s pretty much it for this week’s wrap up.. My brain is really fried from all of today’s Monday-ness. And I still need to read at least 10 chapters in Exodus tonight! (Or more.)

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