1. satisfied with what one is or has; not wanting more or anything else.
2. British. agreeing; assenting.
3. Archaic. willing.

–verb (used with object) make content: These things content me.

Oh, wait! Back up..that last one, right there. Yeah, number four… These things content me:

Today I went in to Payless Shhoes to spend a Christmas gift card, with every intention of buying a pair of sneakers.. because I am in serious need of some sneakers, y’all.

But I looked high and low (throughout their size 8.5 section) and none of them “spoke” to me. None of them said, “Take me home.” .. They didn’t… CONTENT me.

But THESE. These on the other hand…


I can get sneakers some other day. ;0)

{Just ignore the fact that I need a good pedicure.. that’s a contentment horse of a different color!}

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