Originally published November 9, 2008. Making your own yogurt is really so easy! And frugal, too.


Homemade Yogurt

If you like yogurt, but you don’t like the price – have you ever considered making your own?

Stephanie at a Year’s Worth of CrockPotting has a recipe for making homemade yogurt in your crockpot – and it’s really easy!


As she said, it came out a little on the thin side – but the Dannon fat free plain yogurt I buy is also a little thin, and I don’t mind it. Next time I think I’ll let it sit a little longer than 8 hours and see if it makes a difference. It may or may not.

For me, the cost of a half gallon of milk was a little under 3 dollars, and I spend about $3.50 for a large tub of Dannon yogurt. Considering you make at least twice that amount, that’s a pretty good savings. I guess I should’ve done the exact math before posting this, huh? 🙂

The yogurt turned out well, and to flavor it, I just added some vanilla and sugar substitute – that way I can add fruit on an individual basis if I want, or leave it vanilla flavored.

End result?

The yogurt works and tastes good. We like that.

We save money. Big Daddy likes that.

Note: Since the writing of this post, I have made our own yogurt several more times, each successfully. For storebought, I have switched to Yoplait Fat Free Plain Yogurt, because it has more protein per serving than Dannon Plain Nonfat.

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