No, I’m not cheating again…but I AM taking a different interpretation of this week’s Popinjay word, “Clueless” than what Michelle probably expected.

No, I am not clueless, but I am… Clue-Less.

Behold, all that remains of the Clue Master Detective board game that I got when I was a kid, over 20 years ago, and kept all this time. It had been well used and well played with, the box was in terrible shape, but I still had many of the score sheets and ALL of the pieces.

It was.  Until a couple of weeks ago when the girls got it down, didn’t put it back like they were told to, and the 4 year old got into it and tore it up. The pieces were probably all still there, just scattered in his room. The board was probably intact. But the box was ripped apart (it was barely together to begin with), the rule book was trampled and the score sheets were scattered and stepped on. I was so frustrated, disappointed (and in one of those dangerous moods where I purge with abandon and without a look back) that I just started shoving it all in the trash can.

As I sit here and write this I am tearing up and regretting that decision for the 1st time.

Especially after looking on line for a link and seeing how much vintage sets of this version are worth. OH MY GOSH I CAN NOT BELIEVE I JUST STUFFED IT IN THE TRASH CAN. The above pieces were found today under the tv stand in his room – and now they’re probably going to go in the garbage, too. They are worth NOTHING by themselves.

I guess I was clueless after all…

And now, I am also.. Clue-Less. *sniff*

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