And I like it!

You all know how I feel about floral arrangements. They gotta look really good, they gotta be very affordable, they gotta be NOT country and very me.

Recently I was at JoAnn’s with my mother-in-law with some money to spend, some coupons in my pocket and a really good clearance sale and I found a RED vase that I just fell. in. love. with. And it was on sale!

With red being a major color in my dining room, I want to use red touches like this to carry the red over into the living room (and kitchen) for continuity.

While at JoAnn’s I also grabbed up a handful of red flowers and some interesting and exotic red feathers (which would have been more expensive than I wanted to go for if it weren’t for the 50% off coupon I had!)

I. adore. them.

I chose one stem or bush of each flower on purpose, I wanted it to be a blend of a variety of reds and flower shapes.

I picked out the little red flowers with the really light green stems and leaves to help break up the dark shades of the reds.

The feathers… what can I say about the feathers? There was no way the feathers weren’t going in there!

I added the curly sticks because they bring more fun and whimsy to the arrangement.

I think they look great on my piano right now and I can’t wait until we move out of this house and take this little gem of a room decor piece with me. I know JUST where I’m going to put it!

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