One might think that being sick for a few days, sitting on your couch with your laptop doing not much at all could lead to MORE blogging, not LESS. And I suppose on occasion it *Could*, though clearly not this time. I’ve had the scratchy throat, sniffly, stuffy head, achy BLECHS this week.

This week’s Popinjay photo challenge is the theme “Dorky.”

Seriously? Seriously, Michelle?? Ugh. I really had trouble with this one. Until I got some new glasses last week and it hit me, I have just the thing.

Several weeks ago I broke my glasses – and THEN my backup glasses! All in the same day! My husband talked about the possibility of frankensteining them together and using one purple earpiece on the other pair of brown glasses.

Um… NO.

Well, maybe for driving only, but there’s no way I’m going out in public like THAT! At least it was better than his first suggestion – TAPE.


I’m sure this post could double for the theme “Vanity.” Clearly. I don’t mind wearing glasses, I really don’t. But if I had to wear broken, taped, or mismatched glasses.. yeah, I’m too VAIN to run around looking that DORKY. Not when it was time for a check up and new glasses anyway, not when we could afford it.

So here you go – my new glasses, the glasses on which the ear piece snapped off at the hinge, and the glasses which I stepped on when I woke up that morning, mashing the lenses flat with the floor and bending the hinges in irreparable angles. My near-collision with DORKINESS averted with one new pair of glasses.

Which, by the way, my husband thinks DO look dorky. What does he know about fashion? ;0)

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