Ready for the last week? The very last week?? That’s right. Only one more week left!

So how did your third week go? Mine was full of ups and downs but I’m still going, and that’s what counts!

I did keep exercising, with the exception of the mishap. I didn’t start using the food diary again, and I still need to do that because it really does help me. And I think I lost a couple more pounds, too. I’m pretty sure. It’s kinda hard to tell on this old spring scale I have if it’s just a difference of a pound or two. I DID look at digital scales at Walmart tonight and I NEARLY bought one. I’m going to wait unti the next paycheck, though. In the meantime, I’ll just keep guessing. It will get obvious when the needle starts hovering around one 5lb increment lower instead of the previous one. In between, it gets a little “mushy.” I guess that’ll keep me from focusing too much on the numbers, huh? =P

All right my fellow exercisers – link up! Tell me how your week three went! And no hiding this time, okay? ;0) Let me know you’re still in this thing.

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