My bloggy friend Michelle has begun her very own weekly meme, a photo challenge in which she gives us a word and we take a photo of something that represents that word in some way. The word for our first challenge is “Hope.”

Now let’s be honest for a minute and admit, I don’t have a “fancy schmancy” camera. But my camera DOES have some options that I can play with, and to be honest I just tweak the buttons and see what happens. I want to learn more about the different settings and play with those buttons a bit more intentionally. I hope to one day HAVE a fancy schmancy camera, and it seems like it just couldn’t hurt to already know what all those little letters and numbers mean – right? Anywho…

I played around with the lighting, the angle, the ISO (whatever that is) and all kinds of things. I used some of the preset setting options and zoomed in and out, stood closer and farther away. In the end, this is the photo that I chose for my selection:


If you click on this you can see it at it's finished size.

I took this with my Casio Exilim Ex-Z80, using one of the preset settings (which used: ISO 64, F 4.5, 1/60.) I also used the auto-detect setting which doesn’t take the picture until both the camera and subject are still. How glad I am to find that! All I did for this was resize it down to 1000 x 750 pixels at a resolution of 100 pixels per inch.

But of course, since I’m having fun with this and trying to learn how to use my camera more artistically, I didn’t stop there. Using the same image and cropping certain pieces, I also made these:

That last one is kind of hard to look at but it’s fun. My favorites are the second and third one, brighter and darker. But somehow, I think brighter fits the message better. =)

For more photos of  HOPE, click here. Tell Michelle I said Hi!

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