I can’t explain why I’m excited about the New Year because I’m usually a little sad and melancholy to see the old year go. But. I’ll take it! I think this year’s going to hold good things for us. Of course, I’m just guessing, but either way we’re headed into 2010 so I might as well go with a good attitude – right?

Typically I tend to over-plan and set too many, too lofty, goals. Not just on New Year’s but in general and on New Year’s too. I could probably cut and paste last year’s list and just keep working on that one, because I’m not really sure if I completed any of them.

This year I thought I’d do something a bit different. Instead of making a list of things I want to change or work on (because I do that all the time anyway, and I’m already working on a weight loss challenge and getting my home back in order,) I thought I’d make a list of specific things I want to do in 2010. Kind of the same thing, but not. A “bucket list” for the year if you will.

In 2010 I’d like to:

  1. Write, complete and sell an e-book. (Part of my blogging goals for 2010 anyway…)
  2. Grow and harvest and not kill at least one tomato plant.
  3. Learn how to can something. Anything I can do on the stovetop. Strawberry jam perhaps?
  4. Lose 55 lbs – and keep it off for the rest of the year. Awfully close to a goal – but goes with the exercise challenge.
  5. Move out of this really old rental house. Most likely going to happen this spring.
  6. After we move, paint my kitchen in a coffee theme again — and this time finish it!!
  7. Replace one of our vehicles with a “new” used car so we have two reliable vehicles again.
  8. Meet up with Heather@Sprittibee again – that was fun!
  9. Finish a non-fiction book. Any non-fiction book. Just to prove it can be done. By me, I mean.
  10. Read the bible in 90 Days, just not starting in January. And it doesn’t count for number nine!

Also in 2010, our little Princess will turn 10, which doesn’t seem like it would be a “big deal” kind of number but if FEELS like one! Maybe because it’s the first double digits? Drama Queen will turn 7 and Little Prince will turned 5 but since he only just turned 4 that feels soooo far away. Then again, last year, 4 year old felt far away too – and look where we are! We’ll be sitting here making resolutions for 2011 before we know it.

I pray 2010 brings many blessings, new discoveries and accomplishments for you and your family. God Bless!

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