Some of you may gasp and shriek, avert your eyes from the carelessness and obvious disdain of all things listworthy. You may find this hard to believe, but the none the less… I (the listmaker) have never really made a Reading List for school.


Before you click away and run to Google Reader or wherever to unsubscribe, allow me a moment of self-defense…Princess loves to read. She checks out tons of books from the library and buys cheap ones at the thrift store. It’s never really been an issue. And it isn’t really an “issue” now either.. I just feel that we’ve reached an age and grade level where I *do* want to assign specific books to read.

Enter the 2009-2010 Reading List:

Oh, it’s blank. You noticed that huh??

Yeah, see, that’s the thing. I haven’t actually MADE the list yet. I need a bit of help with that. You’ll help me won’t you?? I don’t want to pick a bunch of random books, I want to choose good ones that come recommended from other mothers. I want a variety of styles and I wouldn’ t mind if some of them raised questions. In the end I’m going to select 10 (for starters — we’ll see how long it takes her to read that many) and when she gets to the end she’ll earn a reward.

So you see, they need to be good. Oh, and somewhere around 5th/6th grade reading level. Don’t want them to be TOO easy for her. Off the top of my head, it occurs to me that I don’t believe she’s ever read Black Beauty and I recall a friend telling me recently that her same-aged daughter was reading the Diary of Anne Frank.

What titles can you offer up for the list? Which books did your children enjoy? Which ones did you enjoy as a kid? Leave your suggestions in the comments — pretty please? Thanks, y’all!

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