Do you read Scribbit? You should! Okay, her name is actually Michelle. I learn so many things from her blog, come away with a chuckle or at least walked away shaking my head in wonder. Right now, she’s been nominated for a Blog Luxe award in the “Blog You’ve Learned the Most From” category. (Go vote!!)

Also, every month she hosts a Write-Away Contest – something I’ve been wanting to participate in for a while. This month’s theme is FOOD. (Love it.) I decided to enter my Tangelo Dream post. The winner gets a great little picnic basket gift. Neat!

So if you haven’t met Scribbit, uh I mean… Michelle, head over and meet her (and add her to your blog reader!)


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Michelle at Scribbit
Michelle at Scribbit

What a nice thing to say! And I didn’t even know about the Blog Luxe thing–how fun!

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