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This week’s CurrClick Freebie is Math Mammoth: Clock. This is one in a series of Math Mammoth e-books with resources ranging from early addition to division and to geometry. This week only, the Clock resource is available for free download.

From their website:

Math Mammoth Clock is a worktext that covers telling time and reading the clock, telling time intervals, and understanding the calendar.

The book contains both textbook explanations and exercises, and is designed to be very easy to teach from, requiring very little teacher preparation.

Math Mammoth Clock covers reading the clock, figuring out simple time intervals, and using the calendar, all in one book. The topics progress starting from the first grade level to the third grade level. Therefore, you also can let your child work the pages of this book in different time periods, and not go through it all at once, depending on your child’s current level. Read the rest of the description….

I’ve downloaded this ebook for my own children and I really look forward to using it with them. Digging through it, it’s broken down into step by step processes and will not only be helpful teaching my 5 yr old how to tell time, but will be useful for reviewing and strengthening telling time with my 8 yr old.

In addition to learning time, the children will learn to calculate elapsed time, the calendar, and changing time units.

Get your free copy of Mammoth Math: Clock now!

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Kristi @ RunWatchPlayWait
Kristi @ RunWatchPlayWait

Thanks for the tip! We’ve actually just started talking about basic time-telling. This is way beyond dd right now, but I’m glad to have it!!

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