5dinnerbuttonI just officially registered for a workshop this Saturday that is being given by Erin @ $5 Dinners and I’m so excited! Not only do I NOT have the kids for 48 hours, not only do I get to hang out with GROWN UPS, not only do I get to learn about saving money on my grocery bill and making healthy meals inexpensively.. but I get to meet Erin, Alyssa, Stephanie and Rachel!

The first bloggers I’ve ever met in real life!

See, this means I won’t sound so crazy when I say, “My blogging friend, so-and-so.” Well, at least not with these four ladies anyhow. 😉

Actually, I’ve only JUST been introduced to Stephanie and Reachel’s blogs- as in, when I found out they were going to be there. So maybe I’ve never read their blogs before, but looking at them  now, I’m sure I want to! So now I have two new bloggy friends to read.

Oh. And there’s One. More. Thing.

Erin, that shrewd little blog-preneur that she is, has arranged for the Channel 11 news to be there.

No. Joke.

I’m not sure what they’ll do exactly (heck it could just be a 10 second sweep across the room) but I DO know one thing.

I need a new outfit.

I mean, come on, I do NOT want to get caught looking all frumpy. Not even for ten seconds. And seriously, I need a new outfit anyway. Good excuse, right?

If you live anywhere within driving distance, won’t you join us? It’s not like I get to go to BlogHer or Blissdom to meet other cool bloggers. And who couldn’t benefit from saving money on meals? I mean, really.

And p.s. if you want to buy me a new outfit, we can meet at Target. 😉

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