Valentine’s Day is only few days away! (You hear that, honey, don’t forget!!)

Oh, he will. And then I’ll remind him gently. My husband is quite possibly the most forgetful person I know. He probably couldn’t even tell you what he was wearing yesterday, and he’s already asked me 3 times in the last week which day of the week Valentine’s Day lands on.

Yep, that’s my man.

But I love him. Oh, I DO.

So what does my hubby have planned? Oh, he’s just along for the ride. He tolerates the “commercial holiday” because HE loves ME, too.

Actually, we’ll be going out on Friday the 13th (good thing I’m not superstitious) because I arranged a childcare swap with a friend so that neither one of us has to pay for a sitter – aren’t we frugal? I took Friday so that my crowd-concious hubby doesn’t have to deal with the Saturday crowds. I haven’t really planned what we’ll do but I thought we’d go see a movie. Of course, I’d like to see a chick flick like He’s Just Not That Into You, but honestly we’ll probably end up seeing something we can both agree on like Paul Blart: Mall Cop. The movie doesn’t matter if I’m out with the man I love.

I also bought supplies so that Saturday I can make this Pink heart cake – how cute is THAT? Of course it will be chocolate. With Strawberry frosting. YUM. O. And then the girls and I will decorate the dining room with streamers and hearts and things pink and shiny. I admit, James doesn’t really care about the streamers and the hearts. But the girls do, and I love them, too, so guess what? Streamers and hearts it is!

We’ll have my friend’s five kids a supper guests  (yeah, I said five!) but we’ll still have one of my hubby’s favorite meals. Because we all know that the way to a man’s heart is through his food. Okay, well, it’s only partially true, but it’s one of the ways I show James I love him and one of the ways he feels loved. And I do love him. So we’ll eat and then we’ll share the pink heart cake for dessert and maybe, just maybe, I can talk hubs into watching Fireproof with me again after our guests are gone and the kids are in bed.

And y’all, I just want you to know, I’m not going to do all this because some commercial or magazine ad told me that I should. I love my husband. I love doing things for him. Serving him. Serving him up with some fine dining. Spending time with him. He’s a smart man. He’s independent and strong. He’s funny. And he loves me.

And at the end of the day, well, seal it with a kiss, baby, that’s all I’m sayin’. *wink*

Now go make some V-Day plans for yourself and then hop over to Kristin’s for her S.W.A.K. carnival complete with some awesome door prizes!!

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