Oh my gosh, y’all, I’ve just reinstated mandatory nap time and it is SO NICE.

For a while now I’ve been thinking my 5 yr old needed naps during the day again. She wasn’t handling school time well and late in the day when it was time to get ready for bed she was having meltdowns. Then I read this article from Making Home about the importance of the mid-day nap and it just really sealed the deal.

Drama Queen wasn’t making it through the day without a nap, she did better when she got one = she still needs mid-day naps. Period.

Now, personally, I don’t mind her taking a nap except we usually do most of our school while Little Prince naps. On the other hand, as I mentioned, she wasn’t doing well with school during nap time anyway – so what am I really losing??

At any rate, the only problem with letting Drama Queen nap while Little Prince naps is… you guessed it – Princess wants a nap, too!!

Well, guess what? I gave in.

Naps for everybody!! Yay!

Except for mom. (Awwwww.) =P

So part of last week and so far this week, immediately after lunch they all three laid down. Sometimes they all sleep. Sometimes Little Prince sleeps and the girls just rest. But that’s just fine. You know why?

I get two hours of silence.

In the middle of my day.

And I can, you know, WORK.

So what about school? Well, we start earlier and do some before lunch. Whatever Princess has left we do after nap. And mommy gets two hours to recharge in the middle of the day, pay bills without kids screaming in the background, read, work on taxes… pretty much anything you can’t do with three kids running around like wild indians or scurvy pirates.

I don’t see mandatory naptime going anywhere anytime soon. Even if Princess and Drama Queen don’t need to sleep, they can always read. 😉

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