Tackling the Shelves

Our big tackle for this week was de-cluttering and weeding the bookshelves, which had once again attained “quite horrendous!” status. We needed to rearrange a little to make room for the Christmas tree – and you need to clear big heavy bookcases before moving them anyway – so I finally reached a point where I didn’t have a choice but to do anything about it.

Oh, I suppose I COULD have just shoved it all back on there.

But I didn’t.

See before:

Actually, that was AFTER I’d already begun cleaning if off. I’d already cleared most of the clutter from in front of the books when I thought: “Wait a minute! A before picture!” See that bottom shelf? They all looked like that – at least. Oh well.

I purged some trash, several books that I don’t intend to keep anymore, several books to store away and a good many books to move out to my husband’s office.

See the purge pile:

And let’s not forget the large quantity of magazines I found – most of which I guarantee haven’t even been thumbed through!

Now, see the after (moved to the other wall in the same corner):

Wow, what a difference. (Trust me, I saw the REAL before picture. It’s a BIG difference!) I was hunting for room to put books before, but now I’ve got TONS of available space. Not that I need to buy any new books soon. That middle shelf?? I still need to read about 95% of those.

That’s right.

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