Today my son turns three years old! Little Prince has been running around for at least a month telling people he’s 3 and I haven’t corrected him. I figured I’d get him convinced he was still two just about the time he turned three and we’d have to start all over again. 😉

It’s hard to believe. I can still feel how he fit so perfectly in the crook of my arm. What a sweet, tiny little guy he was. *sigh*

Now, here is is, turning three, dressing himself, scribbling on things, jumping off of everything, shooting suction cup arrows at his sisters and whacking them with a foam sword, taking their things, sitting on them, pulling their hair, and otherwise making them squeal and complain. Yup – he’s a little brother alright! (And by the way, we’re working on the appropriate way to treat ladies, big and little – it’s just not sinking in yet.)

We’d intended to have a Thomas the Train party with some Thomas-related gifts. At the last minute, we’ve switcharooed and are now planning a Fire Truck party – inspired by the free Fire Engine toddler bed we received. My son has abandoned the idea of a Thomas party and is ALL. OVER. the fire truck thing.

Good thing Momma fell down on her party planning job (for the first time ever) and hasn’t actually bought any party supplies yet. *ahem*

Tomorrow we’re going to have a teeny party slash get together with two friends and their children and the local BK – yes, I’m taking the easy way out. I’m allowed to do that on occasion right? Tomorrow evening we’re having supper at my inlaws for some further celebrating with them. It’ll be a nice time.

So, Happy Birthday my son! Momma loves you. *MWAH!*

Feeling Happy,


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